The Fall of M. Bison (2024)

"The Fall of M. Bison" is the twenty-first chapter of Act Five in A Shadow Falls.


The Fall of M. Bison (1)
Act/Chapter/SceneAct Five, Chapter 21, Scene 1
LocationShadaloo Base
CharactersRyu, M. Bison, F.A.N.G, Guile, Chun-Li, Li-Fen
PreviousPower's Ultimate Destination

Ryu stares down at M. Bison, who is on one knee; recovering after his battle with Ryu. He chuckles as he rises back to his feet, declaring that he's not finished with Ryu yet. He creates a pillar of Psycho Power around Ryu, surrounding him with flames of negative energy. The Japanese man stands his ground and pulls his arms back, gathering energy within his palms. Ryu delivers a powerful Hadoken to his opponent, knocking M. Bison backwards towards the ledge. The attack leaves the evil dictator struggling to stay on his feet. He looks at his hand notices it beginning to break down with cracks of blue light spreading out all over it, even though he remains unimpressed. Ryu gazes at the withering opponent as bits of the ceiling falls around them. M. Bison then starts laughing as the rest of his body is engulfed by blue light. Nearby, F.A.N.G rushes quickly to his leader's aide. He realize that he is too late and falls on his knees; screaming the name of the evil dictator as the debris falls around them.

Ryu is soon reunited with Guile and Chun-Li, who is carrying the little girl from before in her arms. Guile tells Ryu that the base is about explode. Not wasting any time, the two men rush toward the nearest exit. Chun-Li is about to join them, when she stops momentarily to check on the spot where M. Bison has fallen. All that remains is his cap. She stares at the cap for a few moments before exiting with the others.

The Fall of M. Bison (2)
Act/Chapter/SceneAct Five, Chapter 21, Scene 2
LocationShadaloo Base
CharactersRyu, Guile, Chun-Li, Li-Fen

Ryu, Guile, and Chun-Li exits out of the reactor room and rushes through the cooridors. Debris from the ceiling falls from above, barely missing the fighters. From the rear, Chun-Li lags behind since she is carrying the little girl. From above, a piece of the ceiling comes loose and plummets toward the interpol officer. Ryu and Guile put on the brakes and turn to see Chun-Li in trouble. Ryu charges his palms and releases a Denjin Hadoken at Chun-Li and the child. The woman runs towards the beam and turns her head away from the blast; bracing herself. However, instead of hurting her, the beam of light serves as a tunnel for Chun-Li; shielding her and the child from the collapsing debris. She catches up to Guile and Ryu, thanking the latter. Moments later, the three continue to make their way out of the Shadaloo base.

The Fall of M. Bison (3)
Act/Chapter/SceneAct Five, Chapter 21, Scene 3.
LocationShadaloo Base
CharactersCammy, Decapre, Juri, The Dolls, Balrog, Ed, Vega, Dhalsim, Ibuki, Zangief, R. Mika, Laura, Ken, Karin, Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Li-Fen, Birdie

Outside, the entire Shadaloo base bursts into flames. The rest of the fighters gaze at the flames, symbolizing the end of Shadaloo. Some observe in relief, such as Cammy and the rest of the former Dolls. Balrog, on the other hand, walks away with his protégé; frustrated that there's profit in staying. Elsewhere, Vega removes his mask and tosses it into the wind as a symbol of cutting his ties with the evil organization. Meanwhile, the other fighters await the return of their comrades. Moments later, Ryu, Guil, and Chun-Li sprint out of the exit and toward the rest of the group. The fighters celebrate and rush toward the Ryu and the others. Ken chuckles knowing that his best friend is alive and well. Karin smiles nonchalantly, relishing on the joy of helping bring justice to the world.

The Fall of M. Bison (4)
Act/Chapter/SceneAct Five, Chapter 21, Scene 4.
LocationShadaloo Base
CharactersRashid, Azam
NextThe Beginning of a Legend

In another part of the base, Rashid and Azam also watch the Shadaloo Base go up in flames in silence. However, the silence in broken when Rashid's phone rings. When he answers it, the voice of his friend catches him by surprise. She states him that he received this message when the Black Moons have been destroyed. She also tells him that she had always believed in him since he is Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, which made the man smile. However, his smile drops after his friend thanks him. She finishes the message by telling Rashid to enjoy the rest of his life before bidding him farewell. Hearing his friend thanking him has Rashid on the verge of tears. After coping for a while, Rashid springs back to his feet and exits the area with Azam behind him, ready to take on another adventure.


  • This is the first and only chapter that has multiple scenes without a single in-game battle.
  • The third scene has the most characters present at the same time with 25 in total.

Scene 1[]

[Ryu just watches, impassively, as Bison's power starts to falter, even as he stands up.]

M. Bison: Hehehe. We're not done!!

[He sends a series of Psycho Power columns rising from the ground at Ryu, who does not even dodge. Even as he struggles with slivers of Psycho Power over him, they are unable to shake him thanks to the Power of Nothingness. In his turn to attack, the man rushes and...]


[The projectile, fired point-blank at M. Bison's chest, comes out with impressive strength, pushing the dictator back more. He struggles to his feet, but then he looks at his hand and notices as his body starts to break down, with cracks of blue light spreading out all over it. M. Bison, however, does not seem at all fazed by this.]

M. Bison: Humph!

[Ryu simply watches, earnestly, as Bison starts to fall apart. Even so, the dictator is laughing. Either out of insanity, or out of confidence that his dark soul will still live to be placed in another body, although the base is coming apart around him. F.A.N.G stumbles into the room as it happens, and he feels like a lost child upon seeing the master of evil he so much revered being destroyed thusly.]

F.A.N.G: Ughhh... Lord Bisonnnn!!!

[He is so desperate, he does not even try to save himself. Ryu just keeps watching. A fool consumed by his own power. This is what M. Bison really was, through and through. At this moment, Guile and Chun-Li, carrying the little girl in her arms, arrive to snap him out of his daze.]

Guile: Ryu, this place is about to...!

[Ryu gives a curt nod and the three of them run out of the main control room. Chun-Li, however, pauses before she can leave. Turning back to where m. Bison was, she can only see his cap on the floor. She gazes at the cap for some time before running out; leaving only the cap behind in the crumbling lair.]

Scene 2[]

[The alarm blares as Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li and the young girl hurriedly navigate through the corridors of the base. Everything is falling around them, and the reactors are exploding. Chun-Li, lagging behind, has trouble dodging the falling debris, but still she presses on, knowing she is responsible for another life than her own. Just then, a large mass of debris comes down on her.]

[Ryu and Guile stop, noticing what's happening. The Japanese man quickly focuses his power on a Denjin Hadoken. He then fires it in Chun-Li's direction. She braces herself as she runs up against the beam of chi but, to her surprise, she does not find herself harmed. She and the girl feel like they entered a tunnel of light, which shields them from the base falling apart. With a long flash of white light, Chun-Li and the little girl traverse the beam unscathed and reunite with Ryu and Guile.]

Chun-Li: Thank you.

Ryu: Let's go.

[Now out of harm's way, the four continue to make their way out of the base.]

Scene 3[]

[From the outside, there is a spectacular display as the reactors erupt into flames, making it seem like the winged skull is spewing fire from its eyes. Everyone outside observes, with distinct feelings as the nightmare of Shadaloo finally ends. Cammy and the rest of the former Dolls gaze at the flames, relieved that the nightmare of serving the evil dictator is finally over. Juri, satisfied for having had her parents avenged. Balrog, upset that he had no gain out of the whole deal, as he leaves with his protégé. Vega, dissatisfied with Shadaloo as a whole, but deep down glad that the girls who served the organization are now able to be free, as he tosses his mask out into the flames and leave as well. And the other fighters, apprehensive as Ryu, Guile and Chun-Li are still inside. Karin is the first to notice as they come out, and gives a warm, relieved smile. The other fighters, all cheering, go over to greet them, Karin being the last as she hangs behind and relishes on the joy of helping bring justice to the world.]

Scene 4[]

[Far from the inferno, atop the wings of a VTOL, we see Rashid, alive and well, sitting next to Azam. Having been rescued from the cold embrace of death somehow, he is just taking his time. Just then his phone rings.]

Rashid: Huh? Who would call now, just when I finally get to relax? Eh.

[He pulls out his phone to answer the call.]

Rashid: Hello, who is it?

Voice [over the phone]: Good job.

[Rashid is taken completely by surprise as he recognizes the voice: it belongs to his late friend.]

Rashid's Friend [over the phone]: If you are listening to this message, it means you have successfully stopped the Moons. Surprised? Heh. I just wanted to do something cool like this at least once. Please, know I always believed you would stop it. After all... you are Rashid of the Turbulent Wind. [he cracks a smile] ...Thank you.

[He suddenly gets depressed. The one time she gets to thank him for something, and she has been dead for days now.]

Rashid's Friend: I have to go now, Rashid. One last thing: please enjoy therest of your life. Goodbye.

[He slowly hangs his head low, and his lips tremble, as he is on the verge of tears.]

Rashid: ...Why now? You never said anything like that to me before...

Azam: Master...

[He sits still for some time, letting reality set in. He then wipes his tears and stands up, sighing.]

Rashid: Well, time to go!

[Back to his usual chipper demeanor, he cartwheels off the plane, followed by Azam, as the scene pans out to a runway leading out of the base.]

The Fall of M. Bison (2024)


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